Spreader Hogtie

This was a pretty tough shoot to be honest, I thought it went way worse in person than when I finally sat down to look at the shoot afterwards. I had intended for the most part to do a redux of a spreader bar hogtie we had done in the past, for some reason this time, things just were not working out, I couldn’t get the final result I wanted, and spent far too long fidgeting with it, so, I changed it up mid shoot and switched out one of the spreader bars and changed to a slightly different variation on the hogtie, I liked the result, it looked hot. Mina was in some pretty legitimate discomfort here, turns out that bar was digging into her ankle, otherwise the rest of the bondage was just fine. You can be sure she let me know about it after ! :O As such I didn’t get quite as many photographs as I would have liked, though the ones I did get actually turned out very nice! Definitely worth a watch for those who like to see the total raw process, you can kind of see me thinking in this one. Hey, its not all going to be gold, sometimes things don’t work in real life as they do in your brain! I will try this one again when I get myself a decent anchor point, which I am working on!

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