Something Wicked

This masked terror knows no bounds of sexual depravity. Emerging – he…it…wastes no time. He immediately begins psychologically tormenting his poor blond captive, who is leashed and collared to an anchored tripod which is menacingly brandishing a large dildo. He pick her up off her knees and with his hand on the back of her head, he forces her mouth down and on the dildo, pushing it far into the back of her throat. She accepts her torment graciously, and does her Master’s bidding without complaint. Before long, he tires of this and begins brutally punishing her body with a variety of floggers and instruments of pain. Until finally he removes his mask, to reveal that yes, he is indeed just a man.
A man with what looks like some kind of medical device…two stainless medical grade steel plugs in which he quickly inserts into her sopping wet pussy.He abuses her insides with his medical tool until she climaxes several times, at which point he binds her arms behind the back and anchors the rope overhead, forcing her into a staccado position, with her mouth on the dildo he zaps her with the cattle prod, which livens up her vocal performace. At this point he finally decides to take some pleasure for himself, and brandishes his cock, and rams it down his poor slave’s throat, making her go back and forth between swallowing his real cock, and the rubber dildo, until tears, and drool cover her pretty face – transforming her into a well humiliated slut slave that she is. He then allows her pussy to taste his cock, and rams it inside of her, and fucks her aggressively until he pulls out and spews his hot load all over her ass…then gives her a gentle kiss…and walks away, leaving her draped in cum, drool, and tears.

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