Soft Surrender – Chapter 1

Danielle Trixie brings Emily Addisọn over to the Studio under the pretext of giving her a tour, but really she has designs on the unsuspecting Emily. After showing her around the front and suggesting that they try on some sexy outfits, Danielle brings Emily to the back where she has setup a video camera and decorated a set. The girls kiss and just as things start to get passionate, Danielle surprises Emily with a pair of handcuffs. Once bound, Emily surrenders into the mọment, allowing Danielle to suck her stocking toes. Danielle then turns things up a notch when she pulls out some straps, belts Emily’s elbows, wrists and knees together then makes her suck her stocking feet before gagging her and leaving her to struggle. What has Emily gotten herself into? What indeed?

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