Snooty Reporter Taken And Interrogated To Give Up Her Source

Cast: Brenda Bound
Genres: Bondage, BDSM, Damsel In Distress, Rope Bondage, Long Hair, Struggle, Pain, Drool, Big Boobs, Elbow Bondage
Video language: English

First scene (very brief): You enter the house in a business suit, blouse, skirt, high heels, with bra and panties on. You are talking to someone at the office and tell them that you will finish the expose the next week while on vacation. You close the cellphone and walk into the kitchen where Les grabs you, clasping his hand over your mouth telling you that this one story she won’t write. He drags you out of the room.Second scene: Les is driving the car and he is talking to someone telling the person that he has grabbed the "bitch" reporter and will get her source out of her no matter what. (You are lying in the back seat , bound, cleave gagged and blindfolded. He drives the car to the woods, gets out and pulls you out as well. You are still fully dressed but I would love to see him cut or tear your clothes at this point before he reties your wrists in front of you and makes you walk naked to the warehouse. Once inside He takes you over to one of the wooden poles in your studio. Ties you there with rope in the usual places. Rope around ankles, below knees, above knees, crotch rope around waist. Rope harness around breasts, below,above and down between. Tied to pole with additional rope. Gag is removed and you are asked to reveal your source but you curse him and he takes the ball gag and crams it in your mouth. Les then takes rope ties it to the crotch rope and then connects it to bucket of water that is then connected to a pulley and you have to keep the bucket up which causes you to scream out. I would love to see some water sprayed on you to show sweat. After a few minutes, he removes the gag and asks again but again you refuse. He puts the gag back in and tells you more will come.

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Duration: 20:01
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