Slave Trade Orgasms Full Version

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Sexy and beautiful Nadia White has been captured by a sex slave trade organization. Stripped to just her pantyhose, the sexy damsel finds herself tied to a chair, legs spread and she’s gagged. Though she is to be shipped to an overseas destination soon, her captor decides that he is going to have his fun with her first.
Helpless and defenseless to whatever her captor desires, the lovely Nadia endures as she is teased with a hitachi and orgasms are pulled from her. With no chance of escape, the beautiful Nadia is made to cum multiple times at the hands of her cruel captor. Interested only in his own sadistic fun, the masked captor enjoys watching his lovely captive’s body contort and buck as the orgasms are extracted from her.
Nadia’s large, luscious tits are groped and manhandled by the masked captor throughout her ordeal. Her clit is continually worked over by the Thunderstick as her body fails her many times. Orgasm after orgasm is pulled from Nadia’s sexy body as her captor pushes her body to the brink.
After having multiple orgasms ripped from her body, Nadia’s clit is super sensitive and the endorphins running through her mind have her feeling on cloud 9. In order to push his sexy captive just a little farther and get 1 more large orgasm from her, the masked captor places the Thunderstick under her pantyhose, the head resting snug against nadia’s overly sensitive clit. He turns the Thunderstiack on high and leaves it, using her pantyhose to keep it snug and in place.

Nadia’s body can’t take much more and it’s not long before 1 more large orgasm is ripped from her. Her body jerks, her hips and pelvis thrust against the strong vibrations and as the stimulation in her already very sensitive clit reaches climax Nadia’s body tenses up, she groans loudly through her gag and then she slouches back into the chair, her body drained and exhausted from the multiple orgasms that have been ripped from her sexy body.

Format: mp4
Duration: 21:46
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