Slave Auction – EleganceStudios

Studio: EleganceStudios

This is the story of three slavegirls at Honest Omar’s long-established Slave Auction House.
Katy: a bored aristocrat who cannot get her kicks from the party set, goes in search a more satisfying bondage dom/sub experience. She voluntarily comes to the Slave Auction House to sell herself into sexual servitude for a period of five years.
Janey: a wannabe rock star whose YouTube music videos are a very picture of kinky yearning to be taken and made to serve as a submissive slavegirl. Honest Omar’s can spot someone with that much need to be dominated a mile off, and the head trainer and owner of the auction house break into her flat and abduct her to begin the life she secretly yearns for.
Ariel: a supposedly well-trained slave owned by the House getting above herself, showing off her prowess at the assigned tasks instead of properly assisting Mistress Kate with training the new arrivals. She neglects her duties, and incurs the wrath of the owner himself!

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