Sienna: On the News

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Ms. Aldridge has a job interview for a very high paying position as a news anchor. Mr. Boulder, her would be boss, starts off asking her what she would do if given the position. She states that she would do whatever the job requires, that she’s professional, punctual and can bring a lot to the company. Mr. Boulder lets his eyes wander down her sexy stocking encased legs, to her high heeled feet and back up before stating that he can see she has a lot of good qualifications from here. Mr. Boulder wants to test a few things out and walks behind Sienna, continuing to talk and ask her questions to distract her. He picks up a bundle of rope from his bag and quickly grabs her arms pulling them behind her while she is in the middle of a sentence. She screams at him, surprised by this sudden turn of events. She kicks her feet trying to get out of the chair, but Ivan holds onto her wrists tight in his massive hand while he coils rope around her tiny wrists. She claims that this isn’t part of the interview, that this was supposed to be a job for a news caster. She tries to jerk her arms away from Ivan but it’s no use. Sienna squeals as Ivan pulls hard on the wrist rope lifting her arms over the chair and tying them to the back. She shouts that she’s going to “beat the fuck out” of him once she gets out of this. He can’t help but chuckle at how feisty this smoking hot redhead is and thinks about all the fun they are going to have. She tries to kick at him, desperate to get away, or at the very least hurt her capture. Mr. Boulder grabs a long white scarf from his bag, knots it in the middle creating a big ball there, and stuffs the ball in Sienna’s mouth. She shrieks and tosses her head wildly as he pulls the side around her head and knots it tightly behind her head. With her screams somewhat stifled, he takes a moment to unbutton her blouse to show off her pert pale breasts. This causes her to erupt in a new wave of anger, cursing him as she kicks. The kicking problems is about to end. Ivan crosses her legs and wraps more rope around her thighs crushing them together. It’s such a long rope that he uses it to tie her legs to the leg of the stool and then ties each ankle to the chair as well. The whole time, Sienna yells and screams into the gag, telling Ivan exactly how she feels about him. She pulls against the ropes but she isn’t going anywhere. Since she’s being so uncooperative, Ivan adds another rope just to make her even more uncomfortable. He lashes her elbows tightly together behind her back and it seems to settle her down a bit, at least for the moment. He uses the long elbow rope to bind her torso to the chair for extra security. Ivan needs to go get rid of her car but he can’t leave her alone with her screaming as loud as she is. He pulls off strips of tape and sticks them to the arm of the chair. He stuffs a big ball of white cloth in her mouth and place several strips of white tape over it to keep it in place making her much quieter than the original cleave gag. He raises her skirt to reveal her stocking tops and little red garter straps then leaves to go take care of her car. When he comes back, he tells her that he plans to keep her tied up for a few weeks, have some fun, take some photos, etc. He goes on to say that if she keeps him happy she lives, if not she dies, it’s her choice..

Format: Windows Media
Duration: 11:39
Video: 640×480, Windows Media Video 9, 1953kbps
Audio: 62kbps

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