Shinybound – Bondage,BDSM,Slave Girl Pack 8

Release Year: 2019
Genres: Bondage, BDSM, Tricked Into Bondage, Leather Bondage, Belt Bondage, Straightjacket, Spandex Catsuit, Zentai, Boots, Ballgagged, Mouth Stuffed, Tape Gagged, Hooded, Living Doll, Objectification, Long Term Bondage, Struggling, Helpless, Asian
Video language: English

The set up.. The video starts with poor Terra being thrown down on a bed in a sleazy hotel room. Maybe she’s a banker that got caught embezzling.. Maybe she’s a cheating wife, or secretary that found an incriminating file.. Were not really told the situation..
Sexy Cassandra is already tied and gagged and sitting on the couch as the video starts. She squirms and pouts to the camera, her eyes and gestures begging you to untie her. She slides off of the couch onto her knees and shows off her bound wrists and shiny satin butt and panty lines.. Her skirt rides up and now you get a nice view of the satin panties that are underneath. A man comes in and wrestles her back up onto the couch and ties her ankles to her wrists. She struggles and moans in the hogtie with big wide open eyes.
Here’s a rare video that slipped through the cracks.. Janira Wolfe from back in her bondage days.. I found this footage on an old hard drive and it was never released.. I was sure to write her and ask if it was ok to launch this video now that she is an ultra successful Femdom and doesn’t do submissive work anymore, and she gave me the ok! If you like this video, maybe thank her with a gift off of her wishlist!

Total size: 21.5 GB in 24 files.