Shelly Dare aka Sunshine – O Lord What Are You Doing, brendasbound

Sister Shelly has gone to visit the mad scientist. She has heard of Brenda’s extreme experiments in orgasms and demands that Brenda leave town. Brenda hears her out and laughs, and starts circling Sister Shelly in amusement. Brenda remarks on Shelly’s sexy makeup. Shelly is indignant. Brenda starts touching Shelly, on her ass, on her arm, on her cheek, which Shelly does not know how to react to. Brenda suggests that Shelly is not really there to stop Brenda but instead to try Brenda’s methods for herself. Shelly tries to deny this vehemently, but is not convincing, and Brenda goes from teasing her to hardcore domn, tying Shelly’s wrists behind her back. Brenda tells Shelly to shut up and that she’s had enough out of her. She picks up the strips of tape and presses them securely over Shelly’s mouth, then demands that she stand at attention. Brenda, in dom mode now, begins to tell Shelly all the vile things that she’s going to do to her, and that Shelly can’t do anything to stop it because this is more than anything what Shelly wants. Shelly shakes her head fearfully and tries to say no, but Brenda whips her ass with the riding drop, demanding that she remain at attention. Shelly winces in pain with each blow but tries her hardest to remain standing up straight. Brenda gets right in her face and tells her she is going to break her, and Shelly tries to remain defiant, mmmphing “mmm-hmm…” in her gag.

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