Shauna: Meet the creeper

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Shauna loves living within walking distance of all the best clubs in the area, so she can party and dance and drink and not have to worry about how she’s going to get home. So it’s definitely not the getting home part that gets her in trouble; it’s the being not quite sober enough to have seen the big guy following her from the club, even when she glanced over her shoulder, and not noticing when he closes the gap between them as she arrives home, slipping in right behind her before she can close the door. He clamps a big hand over her mouth, then bends her over the arm of her couch, pinning her arms behind her back and tying her wrists rapidly. She immediately tells him where her money is stashed, hoping that he’ll just take it and go, but that’s assuming he came here to steal from her, which, while not a bad idea, isn’t why he’s here. He’s here because she was all hot on the dance floor, dressed to thrill, that tight skirt and fishnet stockings and patent leather high heels; he’s much more interested in her than in her possessions. He ties her ankles and knees, fondling those muscular calves and thighs, then stepping back to watch her struggle and flex before going off to see what she has in the bedroom.When he comes back, Ivan readjusts poor Shauna to a sitting position with her legs over the arm of the couch, and while it’s marginally more comfortable than the other way, it doesn’t stay that way for long. Ivan had picked out some lacy white panties from Shauna’s bedroom, and now he’s going to use them to keep her a little quieter. She clamps her mouth shut in rebellion, but has to open her mouth when he pinches her nose shut, cramming the panties into her mouth and wrapping shiny black tape around her head to hold it in. Now he can admire that sexy body a little closer, and decides those beautiful full breasts will be even better with some rope around them. She’s still a bit too squirmy for his liking, so he adds another rope to pull her chest to her knees. She flexes against the rope, that nice line of muscle in her thigh reminding him why she caught his attention on the dance floor, so it’s time to take her to the bedroom..

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