Sexy ebony nurse turns the tables

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Gorgeous Honey Dewbby is a young shy nurse who is treating me. I’m slouched on the bed struggling for breath when Honey enters cautiously and asks me how I’m feeling. Honey is a little frightened and embarrassed and apologizes saying it is her first day on the job as a qualified nurse. She politely ask if she could open my gown so she can check my heart rate. Honey realizes she forgot her stethoscope and looks around embarrassed so I seize the opportunity to pull the hot ebony girl onto my lap. Poor young Honey bites her nails in embarrassment as I inspect her body sleazily. When I drop to my knees feigning heart pain Honey begins to give me CPR. I’m turned on by Honeys hands on my chest and tell her that I enjoy being powerless and weak. Honey senses now that she has a little control so decides to turn the tables. She stands up and places her high heel on my heart and says: "In that case…kiss my toes!" Honey picks up her phone to take a selfie. Honey smiles for a few selfies keeping me pinned to the floor with her heel. Honey sits on the edge of the bed and crosses her legs seductively saying "So..where do we go from here?" I’m now tied spread eagle on the bed holding money in each of my bound hands. As the ebony beauty slowly takes the money from my hands, I am panting with excitement. Honey asks me if I enjoy being tied up by young beautiful women. Honey sits on my chest straddling me and gently tickles my armpits and scratches my chest with her long sharp nails. She also bounces up and down on my chest making me breathless. She orders me to kiss and smell her feet and after a minute or two of foot worship I am about to orgasm but Honey denies me …

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Duration: 15:20
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