Sexuallybroken – Nov 07, 2012: Sexy Blond Cherry Torn

Sexually Broken welcomes back the amazingly beautiful Cherry Torn. Cherry has one of the best bodies in Porn. Big natural tits, a perfect bubble butt, muscular legs and a deep throat for skull fucking.
Cherry runs the sexual gauntlet today. Bound in a traditional Japanese Box tie with her huge tits severely bound, Cherry finds herself completely helpless. Every girl gets nervous when they are tightly bound and a big cock is staring them right in the face. Even the best of cock suckers will eventually be overcome and helplessly driven into subspace with a brutal continued face fucking.
Cherry stays on top it for a while but even she succumbs to the brutal deep throat fucking we deliver. That deep deep spit the body forms as lube to protect the throat from damage actually helps in the total sexual destruction. The more lube, the deeper down the throat it goes.
Dizzy, trying to see straight, we bind Cherry into a tiny ball. With her feet bound to her neck, we roll her on to her back, prominently displaying her pussy and her ass. Cherry is humiliated by how helpless and vulnerable her holes are, she is all too aware that there is nothing she can do mentally or physically to stop the cock from fucking both her ass and pussy.
We fuck both of cherry’s tight holes, we fuck her to orgasms from her pussy and ass! She doesn’t have the will to fight, she just cums and cums. Beaten, worn out, her body betrays her and she cums again. We finger blast her pussy and she screams for mercy, as she has a devastating squirting orgasm. But we are not done teaching Cherry how completely helpless she really is. We double penetrate her, with her ass full, and her pussy full, we vibrate Cherry to more orgasms then even she thought possible. With some form of liquid seeping out of every orifice Cherry has, we leave her in a brutal category 5 suspension to suffer, until we feel the need to use her again…

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