Sexuallybroken – Jan 06, 2014 Booming Mellanie Monroe

Mellanie Monroe is as thick and juicy as they come, with the type of phat ass that inspires a man to thoughts of pounding. In this case, our booming blonde is going to get her brains pounded right out of her pretty little skull by massive BBC until she is walking crooked.
Bound on a box while we watch our wrapped up present, Mellanie is a toy waiting to be played with. We lounge on the Sexuallybroken fuck bed, stoking our 10 inch tool and admiring her curves. Finally, we can wait no longer and summons our present over. Like a good girl, Mellanie obeys, despite being tightly restrained. She knows her place, and wraps her mouth hole round our quivering cock, taking it balls deep down her throat. Ass up and face down on dick is a good look on Mellanie, and we responds by throwing her down upon the mattress.
Once we has her on the bed, we open the floodgates. She is going to be used, and used hard. it is a fuckfest of epic proportions. Her holes are pounded, she is flipped around, each end used without mercy. The fucking and sucking are brutal and relentless. Mellanie is a helpless fuckpuppet on the end of his dick. Her eyes glaze and she cums repeatedly, gasping with each brutal thrust. Even an experienced whore like this isn’t used to having her holes reshaped to this degree.
When we are done, we away, leaving the spent Mellanie lying limply on the bed. She is still strictly bound, and we might use her again later if we feel like it. After all, it isn’t like she can go anywhere…

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