Sexuallybroken Ashli Orion Nov 12, 2012

Welcome back Ashli Orion back to Sexually Broken. This adorable girl next door has a sexy mouth and the most perfect ass. She loves to be sexually dominated hard, and she needs it.
We start by removing Ashli’s ability to see. The blindfold is impregnable. Her confidence is shaken from the start. She will be easy to control now. We make her take her chair to the back wall. She is clumsy, off balance, and scared. We grab her and she feels relief. She knows where we are, and she’s not going to run into anything.
Relief turns to nervousness as she is knocked to her knees and commanded to open her mouth. Nervousness turns to excitement. She knows a cock is going to tough her sexy lips any second, and she loves sucking cock. The cock doesn’t touch her lips. It blows right past her lips and down the very back of her throat. Rough, hard, brutal, the cock blasts her mouth. Dizziness hits. The cock is relentless. All the deep spit and drool of the stomach dripping out of her mouth down her body.
He’s gone, but soon comes back. Her arms get trapped behind her now, tightly bound. She tests the rope. She is completely helpless, and fear returns. Before, if she had to, she could use her arms to push off from the brutal face fucking. No longer. She understands for the first time how helpless she really is. The cock rams the back of her throat again. He is going to fuck her face and she can do nothing to stop it. She can only endure until he is finished. She reserves her self for to what is to come.
She is pulled to her feet, dizzy. The cock pushes into her pussy with one deep thrust and she is being fucked hard. She is made to cum in seconds, and she keeps cumming from the intense fucking. Back to her knees and the cock, again, deep all the way down her open throat. Another lesson, face fucked deep into subspace. The cock pulls out and a vibrater hits her pussy within seconds she is cumming again. What is wrong with her?! She has never cum so fast or so hard. Until today that is. He reads her, he plays her, and owns the dark part of her brain like no one before, she cums again.
Made to stand, more rope. Pulled off the ground, still unable to see, floating, pain, helpless. When will he return, the body aches for more…

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