Session One Blue’s Tight Hogtie

Video language: English

This clip starts where Part 1 ended… I kneel down beside Blue with another length of rope. I use it to pull her into a very tight hogtie. I can now sit back and enjoy her struggles. After a while though I remember that earlier I had tie a length of rope in her hair. I go and tie it back, her head back. That’s better! I sit back and watch again as Blue struggles. OK, she really can’t struggle, but she twitches and mmmpphs as she tries, lol. I take a few pics before I roll her on her side. I like the new view, but Blue doesn’t seem to. I tell her to just roll back on her stomach, but of course she can’t. I take a few more snapshots. At the 13:08 mark I start untying her and the rest of the clip is Blue being untied and ungagged.

Total size: 987.2 MB in 2 files.