Session 370 : Master Max

Vicious young new Master Max returns to complete his degrading mistreatment of this pathetic sub.
Max spreads his arsecheeks wide and pushes chocolate bars deep up his hole. Then the merciless youngster pushes the candy bars back out directly into the mouth of the powerless sub. This leaves the sub degraded as he has to swallow the chocolate. Again and again, the Master repeats this before the runt has to deeply lick clean the Masters arse. Finally, Master Max pushes the remains of what’s up his arsehole into a dog bowl along with a long blast of extra smelly urine. The sub then has to leave the bowl completely empty and lick it clean.

Format: mp4
Duration: 12:58
Video: 700×394, AVC (H.264), 976kbps
Audio: 166kbps

File size: 109.3 MB