Sergei part 5

This is the stuff of every straight man’s worst nightmare. The evil dental gag holds Sergei’s mouth wide open, so he’s not even able to beg us to stop hurting him – all he can do is sit there and take it, moaning in pain.
I pull back his foreskin and give the cock a closer and more humiliating examination than any doctor would, before wanking him to an erection. This is an entertaining headfuck for any heterosexual – and Sergei stares down at his achingly hard dick in utter horror.
Our big broom mounted dildo gives him even more to cry about, and he pants and squeals in agony as we cram it up his already abused arsehole. Not content just to stretch his hole open with the large toy, I insist on ramming it all the way home, jabbing him right in the guts. Of course, the little fucker tries to push it out with what’s left of his strength, but Del is on hand to make sure the rubber cock stays firmly inside.
Every part of Sergei’s body is hurting like fuck by now, and his squeals become even more desperate as I clip my favourite cock clips to his feet and foreskin, stretching it to the max. And just when he thought he couldn’t be in any more agony – tickle torture. My cruel fingers tickling his most sensitive parts – the soles of his feet, his belly, his thighs – all making him jerk his feet around uncontrollably… putting his cock in a whole new world of pain.
All Sergei’s suffering has turned me on so much I just have to stick my cock right down his throat – it is so invitingly open, after all. I try involving him in a little game, in which I offer to take off his cock clips if he fucks his own face on my hardon… but he only manages a feeble licking of my piss slit. So I order him to use his feet to yank the clips off himself. And off they come, one by one, each eliciting a scream that could probably be heard for miles.
As a final humiliation, Del strolls up, and without ceremony, flops out his enormous cock and pisses right into Sergei’s wide open mouth. Soaking wet, covered in urine, sweat and his own anal juices, Sergei is unlikely to forget this ordeal in a hurry.

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