Sergei part 3

After his painful spanking, the last place Sergei wants to be is in the stocks. Legs spread, arse fully exposed for more punishment… and violation.
Sergei’s lean, sexy body trembles as I work him over with the flogger, making him wince and cry out again and again while Del pinches and yanks his nipples around.
As Del has a turn at whipping Sergei, the boy’s eyes light up with fear as I slowly undress in front of him, unleashing my rock hard dick. He knows what’s in store, and he’s clearly terrified.
Sergei cringes away as I bring my cock up to his mouth, and tries to avoid tasting it, letting only his lips make contact. So I order him to lick the end, and get his tongue pleasuring every inch, including my piss slit, which is already dripping with pre-cum.
I spread Sergei’s tight cheeks open and plunge my cock into his arse, but before he has chance to protest, Del is slapping his cock into his mouth. Sergei splutters and chokes as his face, his cheeks, his eyes are filled with long, wet dick.
When I’ve had my fill of Sergei’s hot, tight hole, and cleaned my cock off in his mouth, Del steps up and deposits a steaming load of fresh spunk in his face. Wincing in furious disbelief, spitting cum off his lips and shaking it out of his eyes, Sergei has never been humiliated so much in all his life.

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