Sergei part 2

With a boy this beautiful, there’s no better way to spank him than spread over our knees, his squirming body helplessly held in place by our strong arms. It’s somehow more humiliating than tying him down.
The first few hard slaps produce a series of pitiful cries from Sergei, but when we pick up our implements, he really starts to bawl. As we take turns beating him with a heavy leather flogger, the miserable boy makes as much noise as he can – hoping we’ll go easy on him. Screaming at the top of his voice, he’s obviously never been in this much pain before in his life… he can’t even articulate actual begging. By the time I grab the wooden paddle and start laying into his reddened cheeks with that, Sergei’s voice, hoarse from crying out over and over again, takes on a strangled, desperate sound as his arse takes blow after agonising blow.
A thin riding crop is the ideal tool to really torture his sensitive pink hole – we spread his arse wide open and give his sphincter some serious punishment. The agony on this most private area is more than Sergei could ever have imagined – his kicks and struggles become uncontrollable as he breaks down in tears, sobbing and screaming his heart out.
After all this, when the massive leather strap comes out, it’s no surprise Sergei quickly obeys our order to beg for a fucking. Surely anything must be better than what he’s just been through…

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