Serene Isley: Wrong paperwork

Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

There is something not quite right with these numbers. It’s probably nothing, probably just that someone forgot to turn in some of their paperwork, but it has happened two months in a row. It’s Serene’s job to make sure these reports are right, so she calls in Ivan to see if he knows or can find out anything. He says it might be Frank’s crew, and goes to check on it for her. In reality, it wasn’t that someone forgot to turn something in, but they turned in the wrong paperwork to watchful little Ms. Isley. This is a problem; Ms. Isley is now a problem. Luckily, Ivan has a solution. He comes back with a briefcase, feigning helpfulness, and while Serene is occupied with trying to fix the numbers, Ivan pulls out his fix: rope! He grabs her wrists and pins them behind her back, wrapping the tan rope around them while she struggles and fusses. She’s just doing her job! Apparently, though, Ivan and a few of his buddies are doing a little more than their jobs, and now that Serene has caught wind of it, she has become part of their jobs. Luckily, she came into his office with her questions, and this construction site has more than enough places to hide a little body like hers. He crams a cloth into her mouth and wraps clear packing tape around her head, hushing her protests. She still tries to fight and escape when he pulls out another rope, but he has a firm grip on her and is out of range of her kicks. There’s not much she can say or do right now to get her out of this situation – especially gagged and getting more tied up by the second – but still she tries, bitching at him from behind the tape, and eventually resorts to sign language, giving Ivan the finger. Serene’s anger is understandable, but her words are not. Ivan ignores her and pulls her back toward him over the desk, pinning her heels against her ass while he shakes loose another coil of rope. She pushes hard with her legs, enough that Ivan’s almost afraid she’ll push herself right into the wall or floor. But he lassos her knees with one hand, blocking her kicks with the other, leaving her to only squirm on the desk as he ties her legs.

Format: Windows Media
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