Selma Sins – Keepin it Real

Release Year: 2022
Cast: Selma Sins
Genres: Crotch Rope Bondage, Bondage Sex, Rope Bondage Sex Porn
Video language: English

Cute little Selma walked in the studio looking so adorable, I hardly wasted any time…After a short discussion, I tied her up, gagged and blindfolded her…I led her into the dungeon on a leashed collar…then I go about my business…undressing her, groping her…I hang her upside down by her ankles…a bit of a surpirse for our newbie, but she hangs tough…and that’s how the day goes for Selma…just trying to endure what I prepare for her…her pussy gets warm and wet when she’s tied up…Selma finds herself enjoying her helplessness…This is Selma’s first bondage shoot and everything you see is her first time doing it…Instead of using a safe word, I asked Selma to beg for release when she needed it…to beg for mercy…she does a fine job of belting out the pleas when I put on the preasure…I found this very entertaining…I hope you enjoy,Ogre…

Total size: 1.2 GB in 8 files.