Seeking Perfection with Miss Cole

Studio: perfectslave

Jayden is back in our grasp and our ropes….what a total babe she is, but not until she’s naked, tied up and gagged…in my mind, no female form reaches the hieghts of eroticsm until it is bound and helpless…Jayden is the type of model that we want to feature on PerfectSlave…we started it out that way and I want to get back to it…Every woman is beautiful, but not every woman represents beauty the same way…and PerfectSlave will focus on models who represent the text-book definition of magazine-cover hot…less tattoos, less silicon…more natural bodies, long legs, thin profiles….perfect skin, perfect pussies…1980’s hot….rich girls, groomed and bred by hot, rich parents….untouched by us savages..until they become a model…and show up for a light bondage shoot at DungeonCorp…now, we still dont get to touch them much…but we do get to tell them what to do…strip, gag yourself, spread your legs…and we do get to bind them…I love getting the classy hot chics all tied up and gagged….and I got that feeling with Jayden….the ole "we got you now, the savages finally have control of your pretty ass" mentality…it’s all in good fun and Jayden perpetuates the tease…she knows what we’re all thinking…then again, maybe not…she knows we drool after her perfect image and long to do "things" with it….but I honestly dont think her imagination can comprehend the "things" some of us would like to do to her…it might scare her…but it’ll be very entertaining for me…so drop me a line and let me know what youd like to do with a model like Jayden…lots of your sicko ideas, like mine, will be beyond what we can shoot and sell due to blurry laws about such material…dont worry about that though….I’d like to know your truest and most depraved scenerios.

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