Scott’s Hard Paddling

Scott is a 19-year-old straight boy who needed to make money to get home. He had come to town on not much more than a whim and the only plans he had for the future were nothing short of ludicrous. The consequences of an array of mistakes and bad decisions were coming down upon him, and his instinct was to run from them. Tom talked over Scott’s options with him, and explained why facing the music was really his only option. Scott ended up taking Tom’s advice and used the money he made from this video to go home and face the consequences of his actions.
This video shows a hard paddling that normally would’ve been shot on a separate day from his his first spanking video. But Scott was short on time and didn’t want to schedule any more visits, so he took this paddling right away.
Even though the first part of Scott’s spanking wasn’t easy, the first stroke of the paddle stuns him. Things are getting quite serious. Within a few swats of the paddle, Scott’s legs are kicking and he is struggling with the pain. This is a lengthy paddling with Tom’s small oak paddle that really stings. By the end, Scott is burying his face in Tom’s leg. He tells Tom to stop, but he knows that isn’t enough. He has to quit the video to stop the paddling, and that would mean having to come back on a separate day to do the paddling all over again.
Tom wouldn’t characterize Scott as a bad person. He’s just another boy wandering through life aimlessly with no apparent goals and little motivation. He reminds Tom of Jason in that regard. They both lack ambition, drive and initiative. Over Tom’s knee is a good place for them.

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