Sarah: That creep from the bar

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

When you look and dress like sarah, you get used to guys leering at you in public places. People buy you drinks, talk you up, try to get into your panties, and sometimes get angry about rejection. Something about this particular creep gives sarah the willies, though. Hes not the usual guy, hes not chatting her up, he doesnt even say anything to her. He just watched her, all evening, sitting just down the bar but never approaching her, never even buying her a drink. She wrote him off as a shy creep when she left the bar, not noticing he got up just after she did.He must have taken the stairs, or another elevator; he wasnt in the elevator with her, and she didnt see him when she got off on her floor. He certainly saw her, though, following her to her room he moves stealthily for such a big guy. When she let herself into her room, so did he. His hand clapped over her mouth, he shoves her down on the bed and pulls her wrists behind her back, wrapping them with green rope. She yells at him, but he knows that anyone else staying on this floor is either already asleep or still down at the bar, so he lets her yell, calmly knotting the rope around her wrists, then tying her elbows, too. Finally she starts screaming for help, a bit louder than before, and his massive paw covers her mouth again. That gets the message across well enough, so she quiets down and tries to reason with him why didnt he just talk to her, ask her on a date? She might have said yes (yeah right) but now hes lost his chance altogether. Well, a chance at getting her with her consent, maybe. Hes getting his chance now, anyway, and theres not a whole lot she can do about it. Who said he wanted to fucking date her anyway?He steps back enough to grab her legs and pull them up onto the bed, pressing those hot red stilettos against her tight ass and starts to tie her ankles, making her bitch even more. Seriously, who would want to date a bitch like her? Sure, shes hot, but what a loud-mouthed bitchy shrew! Her black dress has hitched up around her hips, and she tries to cover those lacy panties and sexy garter belt holding her Cuban stockings up, as if it would do her any good at this point. Why else is she wearing clothes like that but to get noticed? Well, Ivan sure noticed her, and now hes tying her knees. Probably not what she intended, dressing like that, but a girl should consider the consequences of her actions and words. All that bitching and moaning has consequences, too Ivan is tired of listening to her, but he has something in his bag for mouths like hers pretty pink panties from the last girl he tied up like this. Foam medical tape wrapped around her head insures her silence, or at least quiet, if not her cooperation. Adjusting her on the bed, he grabs another rope and pulls her heels close to her hands, wrapping the rope from behind her stilettos to the fronts of her shapely thighs and around her wrists.sarah is still making a lot of noise, but there is only so much she can protest now while he pulls the straps of her little black dress and her lacy black bra off her shoulders, revealing what lovely breasts she has, in addition to her long sexy legs and curvaceous body. Ivan figures that with a body like that, and dressing the way she does, she probably has guys giving her expensive gifts all the time, so he decides to search her luggage to see if theres anything shiny to sell. He knows he already has one thing to sell sarah will make a great new slave for somebody with a lot of money. He heaves her over his shoulder to carry her out the back way and to his van.

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