Sandra Silvers, Caroline Pierce, AJ Marion

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Prologue: Caroline has been working as a secretary at Sandra’s company for years. She did well, but dreamed of the day that she would never have to work again. But retirement is decades off, and she’s impatient. A prime-time news expose on the human-trafficking sex-trade planted the seed in her brain. The amounts that rich men and woman around the world would pay to possess a woman of quality was insane. Caroline’s gears began to turn. Supply wouldn’t be a problem, she worked with an office-full of gorgeous gals. The problem would be find buyers and distribution. After a month of dark-web searches and back-alley meetings, she arranged for both. The Syndicate had a job for her, and for a first job, it was a big one. They wanted Caroline to arrange for eight quality ladies to be restrained and ready to be picked up. Eight?! Well, there were seven gals in the office other than Caroline in the office: The Owner, Sandra Silvers, her secretary Ruth Cassidy, the three salesladies Lisa Harlotte, Samantha Grace and Jackie Christianson, the visiting European account executive Vivienne Velvet and AJ Marion, the mouthy, tenacious and long-legged bitch that worked in accounting with Caroline. To pull this off she realizes she is going to need some help, and Caroline knows that AJ, who is constantly complaining about needing extra money (and no fan of her co-workers) will make the perfect -temporary- partner. Caroline presents her with the plan to sell the other SIX girls in the office and split the profits with AJ 50/50. AJ jumps a the chance. Caroline knows six will never fly with her clients, but things seven probably will. So once She and AJ get the other six handled, AJ will be easy pickins to make seven. So That would make seven girls delivered. Surely the distributors will be happy with seven. Caroline just wont press for the payment of the eighth. 87.5% of her payment will be more than enough to live on forever…

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