Sandra & Lauren Kiley

Lauren loves tits. A lot. And she’s been eying up the perfect pair of huge mammaries upon her curvaceous MILF lady boss Sandra ever since the silver haired siren employed her as the office secretary. Using feminine charms to convince the company caretaker to assist her in constructing a constriction, the administrator and her manager find themselves duct taped into a sticky predicament upon two chairs, satin shirts straining. The hulking custodian helps himself to more than Lauren bargained for, a grope of the gorgeous globes! He un-buttons their blouses and takes his opportunity to squeeze both the bound babe and buxom broad’s bosoms, before leaving Lauren to treat herself to the tremendous tits, by working the tape gag away from her mouth and hopping her chair over to Sandra… Arms pinned behind her back and to her body, Lauren wastes no time in nuzzling her nose between big boobs. She enjoys every curve of her captive, exploring the puppies with her lips and tongue, kissing and licking, not wanting to miss an inch of these marvelous, soft mounds of flesh and pert nipples…

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Duration: 11:23
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