Sahryes Performance Suffers So She must Do the same

Video language: English

This clip starts where Part 2 ended… I end up just using 1 pair of the panties as her gag. Her head is then wrapped with micro-foam tape to make sure they stay put. I then tie her head to the post with rope, lessening her mobility even more. Her Pigtail hair ties are tightened back up as well. I spin her around a few times. I leave for just a short while, but soon I am adding more rope to poor Sahrye. Her ankles are completely secured before I start tying her arms more securely. Lots of rope is added to her elbows and around her forearms and waist. Of course everything is cinched where ever possible. I spin her around a few more times. Doesn’t she make a pretty display?! I know that her nipples are still really sore from the clamps she was wearing earlier. I clamp a very heavy one on her right nipple and she screams through her gag in agony. Her left tit is tied just a little to tight for it to stay. Sahrye continues moaning in agony… she even gets just a little teary eyed. After a bit, I remove it before leaving her again. I return after a while to play with her a little and to spin her around a few more times. I take some pics as well. The clip ends shortly after.

Total size: 1.5 GB in 3 files.