Ryan’s First Spanking

First Contact Video! This video shows the first time Ryan has had any type of contact with a man (knowingly and willingly, at least, and you can see his interview video if you’d like to hear about a locker room incident that he doesn’t think counts). Ryan is a hung, straight 19-year-old frat boy. He’s a really smart guy who you might be tempted to think is a nerd. Until, that is, you get to know him some and find out that he is a hockey player and a partying frat boy. He’s also sexually adventuresome.
Like most of the boys, Ryan came into this spanking without asking many questions. He asked a few general questions, but seemed to not want too many details. Tom has asked some of the boys why they didn’t ask for details, and it seems that most of them, having decided that they want the money and will do the video, don’t want to ask for any details that might dissuade them.
Ryan is in for a lengthy, hard session in this video. It’s clear that he’s near tears in some parts of the video, but he did not complain. Like so many others, he did not want to seem weak. Unfortunately for him, that does result in a harsher session.
Tom uses his hand, a silicone paddle, a ping pong paddle, a birch, a PVC flog, a leather slapper and a riding crop on Ryan’s ass. The small PVC flog nearly drives Ryan to tears. He can no longer suppress his facial expressions. By the end of the flogging, Ryan is blinking away tears. He doesn’t handle the leather slapper much better, and the riding crop seems to be worse than either the flog or the slapper.
Having attended parochial schools and coming from a strict family, Ryan is no stranger to physical discipline. Still, this spanking is definitely the worst he’s had. He earns high marks for obedience, respect and toughness.

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