Roxie and Syrena Witnessed Spanking

Video language: English

The Dean then has the ladies bend over stools, legs wide, where he hand spanks them on the bare bottom, cheek-to-cheek. (A special Mystery Science Theater 3000 edition, just for Roxie).The Dean has the ladies bent over their stools, legs wide, where he continues to hand spank them on their bare bottoms, cheek to cheek. Roxie continues to struggle to hold her position. The Dean warns her that a paddle will follow if she continues to move. Sadly for both girls, Roxie is unable to hold still, and the Dean puts them both against the wall in time out as he goes to retrieve a paddle. The Dean returns with a paddle and has the ladies assume the position over their stools with hands on the floor, toes pointed. He begins with 6 swats on each ladies bare bottom. Both ladies are then given 6 more swats on the bare bottom with the wooden paddle. They both individually are made to apologize for their behavior, and thank the witnesses for taking time to observe their punishments.

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