Rob part 4

Tied arse-up on the exam table doctor Rob’s knackers look very tempting peeking out from under his hospital gown and dangling between his muscular thighs. He’s accustomed to having his every order followed without question but he’s not so good at following directions. He’s given a good hard fucking with a vibrator humming away at high speed. Doctor Dave ties his nuts to the table and teases the incredibly sensitive underside of his glans with a vibrator wand. Rob moans as he’s relentlessly fucked with lube and anal juices streaming down to his balls.
Adrian and Dave don’t want him to just lie there passively. They make him fuck himself on the stick pushing his butt backwards so the vibrator slides deep into his anal cavity. He needs to work harder so he’s presented with a dick in his face which he’s ordered to chow down on or get another lashing from the cane. His oral skills aren’t up to scratch so Dave sits his bare arse back on Rob’s face to teach him how to properly slide his tongue up a man’s arse. After hollering repeatedly Rob needs watering. Dave orders him to keep his gob open and swallow while he unleashes streams of urine into his mouth. Rob struggles not to retch as the pressure of being vigorously fucked while swallowing the contents of Dave’s bladder totally overwhelms the slutty bastard.

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