Revenge Gone Awry Hosed, Taped, and Mummified

Video language: English

Ashley has been stripped of her outfit except her panty hose, and replaced with a shirt made of pantyhose. Her wrists have been taped to her her upper biceps. A big pink squishy ball is shoved in her mouth and then sealed in tightly with clear tape. Dr. Cupcakes then starts taping her upper body with a roll of wide red electrical tape. He then tapes her waist and legs with wide and thin black tape. He the gropes her tits a bit before ripping open the nylon encasing them. They burst out as he does. He then grabs her by her hair and then he makes her hop to her left and then back again. He manhandles her a bit and smacks her ass. Soon after he binds her tits with electrical tape

Total size: 771.9 MB in 2 files.