Reprimanding Declan

At 20, Declan is certainly not the youngest model we’ve shot (we’ve shot many 18 and 19 year olds). However, most would agree that not even the youngest 18 year old on our site looks as young as Declan. Add in Declan’s shy awkwardness and respectfulness, and Declan even seems younger.
This is Declan’s second spanking. At his first spanking, Tom lectured Declan about not having a job and needing to find work. By his own admission, Declan had been living at home and freeloading off his parents. Today he tells Tom he has been looking for work. Unfortunately for Declan, looking does not mean finding, especially when you’re not looking hard enough.
Declan has a difficult time remembering how to address Tom. That and failing to keep his eyes on the camera results in a harder spanking. Tom uses his hand, a clear acrylic paddle and a long plastic shoehorn on Declan. Declan grunts and struggles as tears fill his eyes. Although he struggles, Declan remains respectful and obedient. At the end, you’ll see him wipe tears from his eyes as he starts to get dressed.

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