Renee Roulette – The Dom Versus the Brat

Release Year: 2022
Cast: Renee Roulette
Genres: Rectal, raunchy ,bdsm anal
Video language: English

In her first shoot, I put young Renee through a fantasy scenerio where she was my helpless bottom and I enjoyed exercising my sadistic ways upon her…for everyone’s enjoyment, especially hers…I learned on that day that Renee really enjoyed BDSM as a bottom…For this shoot, I ask Renee to be my submissive so I can enjoy exercising my sadistic ways upon her…So what’s the real difference…The first shoot is considered fantasy role play whereas this shoot would be more akin to a real D/S experience….And she really blooms…Renee takes everything I have to express upon her as if she was mandated to do so…and it makes her pussy wet…I called Renee a brat, in the beginning because she was acting a bit nervous…She could have use that as motivation for either being a brat, or chosing to show me that she was a submissive…she chooses to accept the challenge of submission head on…and never falters…I push her hard…and as endearing as a brat can be, these are the types of female players who really turn my head…Ogre…

Total size: 1.2 GB in 8 files.