Reid’s First Spanking

Reid is a 22-year-old straight boy who had never done any adult work or had any physical contact with a man before today. He agreed to come in for a shoot that he knew would include a spanking, but he didn’t count on getting spanked so hard.
This video begins with a brief interview with Reid in which he discusses his history of physical discipline. He is no stranger to hard, bare-ass spankings (given with a wet hand). He’s also no stranger to getting in trouble, including almost a decade of driving without a license (quite a feat considering he’s only 22!).
Tom punishes Reid for his illegal driving. He uses his hand, a paint stick, electric paddle, leather belt and a flog on Reid’s tight butt. Reid’s butt gets very red very quickly. He struggles with the spanking as tears fill his eyes. He doesn’t break down, but he does become very enthusiastically obedient and respectful. By the end of the spanking, the one word that best describes Reid is “stunned.” He was hoping the spanking wouldn’t be as bad as the ones he got growing up, but states at the end that it was much worse.

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