Raven Eve Transformed into a girl and tied up as a girl, gndbondage

Raven invited me to go to a party with her. But she didn’t like the way I was dressed. Luckily I had clothes to change into at her place. But, she needed to go pick something up while I changed. She warned me not to touch anything while she was gone. She seemed very concerned about it. Shortly after she was gone, I noticed a ceramic Elephant on one of her shelves. Forgetting her warning, I picked it up and looked it over. I noticed this neat bracelet on it and decided to try it on. Suddenly, I felt this horrible pain on my chest and crotch area, and then the lights went out. It seemed like hours, but it was only seconds later, I opened my eye. Something just didn’t feel right. I looked down and saw lets covered in nylon stockings. They seemed to be my legs. When I reached down to touch, I saw red fingernails on my hands. Shocked I reach up and felt my hands bump into something on my chest. “OMG”, I had tits. When I talked, I heard Raven’s voice. But Raven’s voice was now my voice. OMG I thought to myself as I reached down and pulled up my skirt. I mean Raven’s skirt. I put my hand down there and felt. “Oh Fuck!” I had a pussy. Just then I heard the door open and saw me walk in. But it was actually Raven, now turned into me. “I told you not to touch anything!” she scolded me. It was then that she told me the bracelet had magic powers that could change her into the person who put the bracelet on. She told me I would stay this was as long as the bracelet was on. So, took the bracelet off me and told me that it would now take 3 hours until the process was reversed…

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