Rachel Must Atone for Outright Plagiarism

Video language: English

Rachel sits in her car outside my studio talking to a friend. She is somewhat giddy as she tells her that I have invited her over to discuss a partnership. She laughs as she tells her friend that this will make it that much easier to steal my ideas. She walks into my studio wearing tight yoga pants and an almost see through sports tank top with an outline of her nipples showing. I tell her that I have a completely new idea that has never been done before that I want to share and discuss with her, but first, I need to see if it is feasible and I ask her to try it out. We can discuss the partnership afterwards. Rachel reluctantly agrees. I tell her that her outfit is fine for this as it is just practice, but she will need to loosen up and stretch. She seems agitated as I command her to bend over and touch her toes, then jumping jacks, and then more stretching positions.

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