Rachel Gets Tied in a Super Tight Reverse Prayer Hogtie with Twine Pt 1

Release Year: 2021
Genres: BDSM, Rope, Bondage
Video language: English

Sexy MILF Rachel Adams is always up for some tough bondage so I decide to give her some good, tight predicament bondage to think about.
Wearing sexy blue bra and panties with pantyhose, the sexy MILF sits on a stool. A harness ballgag already tightly secured in her mouth to silence her. I have alot of twine and I plan on using it. I start by pulling Rachel’s arms behind her back into a reverse prayer position. I use twine to secure her arms in this tough position. Once i have her arms secured I turn her around to show off her reverse prayer as I make it even tighter and more secure.
I start by taking more twine and tying her wrist together good and tight to make sure she has no movement at all with her wrist. Next i take more twine and use it to pull her arms, just above the elbows tighter to her body, pulling her arms into a tighter reverse prayer and adding to her predicament. I then cinch all the twine down good and tight. Rachel is then turned around to face the camera as i finish off the tight reverse prayer tie.
More twine is used to create a chest harness, cinching the rest of the twine binding Rachel’s arms even tighter, ensuring that there is absolutely no chance of Rachel being able to move her arms, let alone escape from her predicament. I will also use the added harness for her hogtie to come later. Once i have the chest harness complete and secure I stand Rachel up and using more twine tie a tight crotch rope, pulling into Rachel’s pussy and adding even more discomfort to her predicament. Once I have the crotchrope tight and secure I sit Rachel down in the floor to prepare her for the tight hogtie that is coming.

This is where part 1 ends.

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Duration: 17:36
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