Rachel Enters Eric Cain’s Rehab Center Day Two

Video language: English

After spending Day 1 tied to a post with a concrete block hanging from her crotchrope, Rachel thought the worst of her ordeal was over, but she was wrong. She now finds herself hanging by her ankles. Her ass is slapped a few times before her elbows are bound together. Thin twine is tied into her hair after being roughly manhandled. Rachel is then oiled up before Eric’s belt is taken off. Rachel yelps and flops like a fish out of water when the belt makes contact. When the belt whipping is finally over, she is crotchroped. The crotchrope is then pulled down and forward. With all of her weight basically on the crotchrope, it is probably even tighter than the concrete block from earlier. Even though the huge ballgag kept her as quiet as possible during her whipping, it is removed and replaced with an ace bandage cleave gag. Rachel yelps and moans as she hangs helplessly by her ankles in the dingy cold basement as her captor makes more preparations. This is where Part 1 ends.

Total size: 2.8 GB in 2 files.