Rachel Enters Eric Cain’s Rehab Center (Day 1) – Part 1

Mr. Adams had a private detective follow his wife around, Rachel, and discovered that she was banging her boss. Since he is a busy man and currently out of town at a business meeting, he has is attorney, Ms. Plush, take care of the matter. Ms Plush does not beat around the bush and gets straight to the point. She informs Rachel that she knows of her extramarital affair as she plops down a thick folder of evidence. Rachel does not even have to look at it as she knows she has been caught red handed. Ms. Plush then presents her with 2 choices… Get divorced and simply walk away with nothing or go to rehab. Ms. Plush explains that and "interesting" fellow named Eric Cain runs it, and that he has taught many wives to appreciate their husbands, and the lives they have. Ms. Plush scoots a pair of shorts and a tank top and tells her to wear that along with red heels. When Rachel shows up, she is immediately grabbed and roughly manhandled. She is guided by a handful of her hair, as she is spanked and ordered to spread her legs. Her tits are grabbed and squeezed hard. After a few face smacks and an inner thigh smack Rachel is already wondering if she made the right choice, and she just arrived 2 minutes ago!! There is no taking it easy in rehab! She is then ordered to strip and she, embarrassingly, does so. She is reminded that she can leave at any time, and that she has made the choice to be there. Eric orders her to kneel up against the wall as he makes his preparations. After a while, he orders her to face the other way. Once ready, Eric retrieves Rachel and leads her over to a sturdy steel post. Her wrists are tied around it, making sure she will not be going anywhere. Eric now spends more time roughly groping Rachel’s tits as she yelps in agony. This is where Part 1 ends.

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