Rachel Adams – locked nipple clamps

Rachel Adams is back already! Considering she is from the USA, that is pretty fast. She must have been really interested in my Chastity Deal offering when I locked her in full chastity a few months ago.
She is back now for a more serious Chastity Deal. No more Casting: straight into the full outfit when she got off the plane. Relaxing on the bed in the studio, Rachel carefully examines her gear. She is locked in a chastity belt, chastity bra, collar, and thigh bands! She knows she will be in this for at least 2 nights (3 days), so trying to get comfortable is priority number one right now.
But I have other plans for her (of course). This is not going to be an easy Chastity Deal, it will be full of challenges! Rachel is one of the toughest bondage models out there, so she can probably handle the things I have in mind for her.

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