Punishment Incorporated – Ashley

Welcome to the jungle, we got fun and pain! Poor miss Ashley is having a difficult time with her behavior. He attitude during is just appalling and she just doesn’t seem to care. The Dean of her school has had enough and brings in some outside help. Keni Styles, the master of disaster, the colonel of pain, the king of dong…well you get the Keni isn’t putting up with any shit from this misbehaving little hussy. He lays down the law immediately and pulls Ashley over his knee and spanks her ass red. Her defiance is unprecedented. The usual tactics just won’t suffice. She is so close, but heavier discipline is needed. So Keni pulls out old and gags the ornery little bitch with his hard cock while he stretches her tight little pussy with as many fingers as he can fit in her. He then finishes her off with a hard pussy pounding fuck, and forces her to swallow every drop of his cum. Class is over, and school is out…..who’s next?

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27 Minute Run Time.
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