Gravity plus mass plus steel equals a vicious torment.
As everyone at Infernal Restraints prepares for the shoot, PD preps Erika, locking her in metal and leaving her to languish. Her neck is clamped inside a collar held away from the wall by a metal arm. Her wrists, pulled up in a stressful strappado behind her, keep her on her toes. It is her own weight that applies the pressure against her throat. PD ignores her except to raise her up a few more inches, increasing the drag downward. It’s nothing really, a simple matter of mathematics.
A pair of scissors snips at her tuft of pussy hair. PD shreds Erika’s T-shirt. Snip, snip goes her bra. The tip of a singletail rips at her tummy and chest, and at that little tuft of pussy hair. Then she’s turned so that she faces the wall. The whip targets her ass and back. And as she fusses, trying to pull away from the tip of the whip, her back arches. Her body is beautiful in profile as she strains against the metal and gravity.
Erika’s wrists are shackled behind and tied to a thick, scratchy rope that’s dragged through her crotch (a nasty little agony) and tied upward. Nipple clamps pull her tits up also. Gravity takes its toll, a sublime moment of truth, the pain of inhabiting a body.
A new device makes its debut. Erika stands on a wooden crossbeam with her head and wrists locked in stocks. His fingers investigate her holes. Then a cane smacks her ass, thighs, and feet. Erika keeps up a continuous stream of cries, like some secretive animal that screams all night. A board slides between her thighs. Then the beam beneath her feet is removed. Now her weight rests there upon her cunt. Gravity wins.
Hanging in a very small cage, a dental gag holds Erika’s mouth open. Drool runs from her lips to her cunt where white pussy juice wets her hole. The fucking machine stands at the ready. She’s positioned and penetrated, as though it is her cunt that serves the machine. It pounds away inside of her. And Erika’s cries create such a clamor.
He’s done with her now. The machine is silent. The cage slides along a rail until it hangs over an awaiting box. Erika’s dropped inside, cage and all. The lid slams shut, latched, and a breathing pipe screwed in place. Erika’s constant stream of noise goes on, more distant now. Far away. A world apart.

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