President Lewis and Bishop Doves

Studio: Missionary Boyz

Bishop Doves is one of the most stalwart and most desirable members of The Order. To honor his work in guiding young mentowards total obedience and full manhood, President Lewis is happy now to present the bishop with an important lesson in the teachings of The Order. It is that of the Living Sacrifice.
The Apostle Paul told the saints to present their bodies as living sacrifices, meaning that they must surrender every want and every wish to the will of their leaders. To help him better understand this deep teaching, Bishop Doves is introduced to one of the most secret members of The Order: the Living Sacrifice himself.
He is a boy so irresistible, and so constantly hungry for his leaders’ cock, that he has been taken out of the world forever and is kept in the temple, masked, naked, and never allowed to leave or have contact with the outside world. He exists only to satisfy his priesthood leaders’ desires. He is mindlessly obedient. He spends his life consecrated to sex.

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