Poetic Justice

Passion is the foundation of poetry and Professor Catherine Whitney (Kelly Ashton) is a very passionate academic. She insists that Sara (Eve Ellis), a graduate student writing her thesis, experience the transcendent pain that fired the imagination of the great romantic poets. And what better method than a good HARD spanking? Sara learns a difficult lesson as she squirms, delightfully, beneath hand, paddle and crop. But the excitement of spanking Sara’s naked fanny is more than the oversexed professor can handle. She must experience her own release through submitting to the naughty thrills of erotic punishment. Still smarting from having her innocent fanny blistered, Sara is only too pleased to give her teacher what she’s asking for. She holds Catherine tight while sternly applying all the implements in Catherine’s arsenal, causing the luscious professor to wriggle and writhe from both pleasure and discomfort.

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