Playing Dumb

Parker is a very young and wholesome-looking 19-year-old straight boy. He showed up for this shoot wearing a loud t-shirt with very prominent profanity. Parker had shown up for his first shoot in this same shirt. As Tom had requested, he had brought a change of clothes to that first shoot in case what he was wearing wasn’t good for the video.
Parker is on his own for the first time in his life and he’s searching for an identity. He is not entirely comfortable being perceived as a good and polite young man. In fact, Tom told him after his first video that a few viewers had commented on what a "sweet" boy he appeared to be, Parker wasn’t happy. He told Tom he hears that word applied to him too much. He considers it a bit of an affront to his masculinity (and maturity).
Tom didn’t want the distraction of the profane t-shirt in his first video, so he had asked Parker to change into the other shirt he brought. He asked Parker a bit about the shirt and suggested to him that it really wasn’t appropriate to wear in most public places, so Parker should have known not to wear it today. It was clearly a conscious choice.
When Tom asks him about wearing the t-shirt again in the brief interview at the beginning of this video, Parker plays dumb. He tries to act like he’s surprised that Tom doesn’t like the shirt. He smirks a bit here and there, asks questions he knows the answers to and waits to do things he already knows he should do until Tom tells him to. He’s either trying to be funny or, more likely or he’s attempting to show Tom (and the viewers) that he is bold and rebellious. Tom suspects it’s the latter.
Whatever Parker’s motivation was to wear that shirt, it was a bad choice. It ends up costing him a harsh session by hand, and with a strap and cane. Most of the video is the cane, and Tom is heavy-handed with it as Parker continues to be defiant even during the caning. By the end Parker has a very red and striped butt, and his smirk is a distant memory.

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