Parker in the Tub

Parker, age 19, is back for a very unique video. He had shown up to a prior video unprepared. He was wearing dirty work clothes and he had grease under his fingernails and on his hands and arms from doing some automotive work earlier that day. When the time for this shoot came, Tom decided to address this lack of preparedness with a surprise for Parker.
Parker was surprised to find that the cameras and lights weren’t set up. Tom told him to wait and went into the garage to finish preparing the surprise. This video opens with Parker walking into the garage to find a galvanized washtub half-filled with water. You can see the look of bewilderment on Parker’s face as Tom asks him if he knows what it is and what it might before. Parker thought he might be bobbing for apples. He was wrong.
It isn’t long before Tom orders Parker to strip in get in the tub. Tom then scrubs Parker with a bath brush, a wash rag and soap before spanking him with the same brush. Parker is clearly surprised. He knew getting a embarrassing spanking, but nothing could have prepared him for being bathed and then spanked while wet and soapy. He is particularly surprised when Tom scrubs and later hoses down his private areas.
The bash brush hurts and it isn’t long before Parker’s fighting off tears as his butt gets redder and redder. Between the scrubbing and the spanking, Tom is pretty sure Parker won’t show up unprepared again.

Format: mp4
Duration: 14:14
Video: 1920×1080, AVC (H.264), 7818kbps
Audio: 227kbps

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