Paris Kennedy – Back in Nylon

After a very long absence, Paris Kennedy came by for an afternoon and evening of very tight bondage and general fun. Julie did a fab job on the makeup and hair (she always seems to do that, doesn’t she?), and thought that this lovely black vintage-ish girdle would look great on her. The stockings were my idea. They are the just about the sheerest black reinforced heel and toe (RHT) stockings that I’ve found (from the good folks at Secrets in Lace). They are delicate as hell (I think you can mark them up by looking at them), but they are gorgeous and Paris made them an absolute sensation… Very sexy stuff from a gal that we need to work with more often than we have in the past… Just pure OOOOFA.
The wardrobe did inspire the tie here and the overall look of the set. It is very refined and, I dare I say classy look and I wanted a bondage that would continue that trend. It’s a box tie, but a bit different technically. Tight, but not overly complicated. The video of this set went in a much more stringent direction and feels a lot different than the pictures, so I hope you enjoy both.

Format: mp4
Duration: 16:11
Video: 1280×720, AVC (H.264), 4794kbps
Audio: 183kbps

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