Paolo part 5

We’ve spent our whole lives being teased by footballers in their sexy gear. Now it’s time for this hetero athletic bitch to turn us on! Paolo is kitted out in a full football kit and securely restrained so he can’t fend off our persistent groping. Adrian tips the full weight of this man over his knees and gives that round meaty arse a harsh spanking. Randy footballers really deserve to be treated like naughty boys! We yank those silky shorts down and pull his round cheeks apart so his arsehole is fully exposed. By suspending Paolo just a couple inches in the air he has to struggle constantly to maintain his balance and is rendered even more helpless as we go at his arse and cock. His dick is sensitive and he can’t prevent himself growing fully erect with some expert manipulation and discipline. At the same time we order him to massage our bulges. We lay him out flat on his front and hogtie him to secure a vibrator up his arse. He’s so tightly restrained there’s nothing he can do to prevent the persistent contraption buzzing deep in his bum. It gives this enraged hetero the sensation of being constantly penetrated!

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Duration: 17:02
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