Paolo part 2

This straight lad is so stupid that he doesn’t realise by struggling all he’s doing is flexing his muscles and working up a sweat which only turns us on even more! Fixed firmly in place with his arms and legs bound to the walls, Paolo must stand helplessly as Dave snuggles up to him for a good snog. All that intimacy causes the dumb builder to grow an unwanted hard on. All Adrian has to do is tug his tight white pants to the side and out flops his big eager cock and full ball sack. Paolo cringes in utter shame as there’s nothing he can do to hide his obvious erection. While Dave wakens his sex drive, Adrian ferociously flogs his back till Paolo collapses forward in pain with his useless thick limp dick swinging between his haunches. This gives us an idea to bind up his useless package and secure him by the neck so he’s permanently bent over with his builder’s arse sticking out! Paolo is in an absolute panic as there’s nothing he can do to protect his precious fuckhole. Adrian invades his arse giving him a vicious deep pounding till his bumhole is inverted. At the same time Dave zaps his glans. Paolo is totally overwhelmed receiving the most excruciating pain to his most tender parts. We laugh and ridicule the sad fucker drenching his sorry mug with our stinking piss. What a sorry sight we’ve turned this strong builder into!

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