Paolo part 1

It’s a sweltering hot day in the city! Not only does the heat make us horny but it also means men are strutting around shirtless, especially construction workers who work outside hauling sacks of concrete. These masculine hetero bastards know what teasing sluts they are – muscles dripping with sweat, letting their trousers hang low and flashing their arse cracks. We spy an especially tempting young muscular thug who gets our cocks twitching. His pubes and bum crack are popping out of his trackie bottoms and we can’t stop ourselves from dragging him into our lair. Tied down on the exam chair we can uncover the package that’s bulging in those trousers. He’s got a massive fucking cock and a giant set of clangers! Fuck, this dumb badboy dick is begging to be tamed. We cruelly restrain and peg his cock and balls so he feels the acute pain in his nads constantly. Then we hike his legs up to get a view of his perfect untouched sphincter. We’re rearing to break him in and drill into that arse! This has turned into this stupid straight lad’s worst nightmare but it’s only what teasing cunts like this deserve!

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